Why am I a coach?

  • Keeps me accountable on my own health and fitness goals
  • I get to share my journey and pay it forward
  • I find so much fulfilment and joy in inspiring and helping others!
  • My mentors have pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and accept myself for who I am, put myself out there and receive all the love that comes along with that!
  • It has helped me overcome my anxiety, low self-confidence, and depression!
  • It has given me a healthy outlet for helping others
  • Mostly I’ve just been able to help so many people all while helping myself!

Becoming a Team Beachbody Coach was like being welcomed into a new family! I had never felt so supported, encouraged, and accepted as I did when I started working with my team. The mentor-ship and support was like nothing I had ever experienced! To watch a video on why I do what I do, visit my youtube channel here. Don’t forget to hit ‘subscribe’!

If there has ever been a curiosity in the back of your mind about what I do as a coach, how some of my team have left their full time jobs, earn 6 figures a year, and have retired their husbands, or how I earn a living part time from home, all while working on my own health and fitness goals and how coaching keeps me accountable, email me to sign up for my next no-pressure sneak-peak into coaching event (all held online, you can sit in your pj’s with a glass of wine and learn!). Email me at denise.fitness@bourbonandlace.ca to register.

If you are ready to join my team of coaches and start your own business opportunity, please make sure that I am already listed as your free coach, and then sign upĀ here and then send me an email at denise.fitness@bourbonandlace.ca to get started!