What is a Challenge Group?

All of my challenge groups are run online, in secret groups that only challengers can see. In these groups I help everybody prep for their new at home fitness and nutrition program, and overall, their new healthy lifestyle. I offer recipes, fitness and nutrition tips and ideas, accountability, motivation and help people overcome the many obstacles that arise when starting a new program or making any sort of significant change in their life!


The only person you’re competing against is the┬áperson you were yesterday.quote2

Everybody’s needs and goals are different and very individual, and we have programs for a wide variety of them! Need to lose weight? Tone? Strengthen? Build muscle mass? Lean out? We’ve got it!

If you’d like to know more about how a challenge group can help you with your individual needs and goals, send me an email at denise.fitness@bourbonandlace.ca!